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Welcome to IT-SENSE, where we strive to separate the marketecture from the architecture of IT platforms and products so we can build applications and infrastructure that address business IT requirements in the real world.  IT-SENSE is an alternative to the stilted and shallow analyses of technology found in too many industry trade press publications and industry analyst reports.  Our goal is to provide a more critical assessment of IT products, platforms and strategies that our readers will find useful in their work.  We encourage readers to provide feedback on our focus and content so that this portal and its contents better fit your needs.  IT-SENSE delivers

  • A quarterly publication  
  • With a single issue focus
  • Accessed on your favorite client
  • Critical research on timely issues
  • Requested by readers to address their needs
  • Featuring "hands-on" expert views and opinions

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IT-Sense can be viewed in this web portal or downloaded to your favorite client as a Flipbook or PDF file.  IT-SENSE is completely free, but you need to register to provide feedback on the articles in the publication and to receive notifications when new issues are published. Your registration details will not be shared without your permission.





What's A Flipbook?


Each issue of IT-SENSE can be viewed online or offline in animated or flat file formats.  The flat file uses Adobe PDF format.  The "Flipbook" integrates the PDF file with some HTML5 or Flash "magic" that animates page turns, emulating a physical magazine or book.  Each version comes with its own third party software requirements, but it is likely that you have all of the enabling technology that you need on the client you like to use.

Third party software is not included on IT-SENSE.  If you do not support PDF, Adobe Flash and/or HTML5 on your client, you will need to download them from the web and configure them on your site.

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RokPad provides advanced functions such as an Ajax saving action, syntax highlighting, multiple cursors and selections, shortcut keys, and many other great features that usually would only be found in a desktop editor.

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